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Scientist names for cats

vintageluvs's list "Futuristic Science Names" of 20 great name ideas: Alpha - Major!.

Sep 14, 2011 · The Scientific name for all domestic cats is Felis catus. What is the scientific name for stray cats? Felis catus. This is the Scientific name for the Domestic cat species. What is the....

Edith Clarke. Einstein (or Albert. Perfect for any critter with wild, shaggy locks.) Erwin (As in Schrödinger — for cats, of course) Freud (or Sigmund) Galileo. Gates (Bill Gates) Goddard (Robert Hutchings Goddard) Hawking.

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Again, you can use it for male or female cats, and you can go with first and/or last names. Alan Turing Albert Einstein Alfred Nobel Alexander Fleming Alexander Graham Bell Andre-Marie Ampère Archimedes Benjamin Franklin Bill Nye Carl Linnaeus Carl Sagan Charles Darwin Galileo Galilei George Washington Carver Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Gregor Mendel.

With the discovery of two new additions to the periodic table, announced this week, begins the hunt for two new names. The reported suggestions currently awaiting approval are flerovium, after the.

A quick poll of people I know produced this list of the best cat names: Chairman Meow, Cuddles, Anthony, Purr-mione Granger, and Sword Claws. (Yes, that last one was a preschooler.).

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